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We’re inviting you to take a moment for yourself every day for 7 Days with a refreshing cup of Barry’s Green Tea and our podcast created to introduce you to the practice of mindfulness.


Our podcasts have been specially created in collaboration with leading Irish mindfulness coach Fionnuala Gill. The first podcast is an introduction to the practice of mindfulness through a ten minute guided breathing meditation practice, while the second podcast centres around the mindful practice of the senses. Both podcasts allow you take a pause and become mindful of the present moment – benefiting mind and body.


To create your #goodforme moment every day for 7 days:

  • We’re inviting you to make a cup of our Green Tea to enjoy.
  • Find a time when you won’t be disturbed for 10 minutes or so.
  • It will help to turn off your phone and find a comfortable chair.
  • Stream / download our Podcast below.
  • Take a seat, listen and enjoy your #goodforme moment.




We Make the Tea. You Make the Moments. #BarrysTeaMoments

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