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1901 to 2014: A Lot Has Changed At Barry’s Tea – Except The Blending, The Sourcing & The Quality.

Master Blender at Barry’s Tea, Denis Daly, shows us how it’s done and proves nothing much has changed when it comes to the quality of Barry’s Tea.


Denis Daly, the Master Blender at Barry’s Tea, has been blending for the iconic, Irish tea company for over 40 years. Trained by Anthony Barry in 1969, he’s grown to know a thing or two about good tea. He visits the finest tea gardens in Rwanda, The Assam Valley and Kenya, once a year, to meet the growers. “Travelling is my favorite part of the job, and I’ve built strong relationships with the tea growers. These relationships are essential for a Master Tea Blender; I get offered the best quality teas first!”
Barry’s Tea has been blending tea in Cork since 1901, and, although the family-run business no longer operates from the original Prince St. shop or delivers tea around Cork by pushbike, the blending process has remained exactly the same. Tony Barry, who’s passionate about the company’s Irish heritage, says “The company has obviously evolved in various ways over the last 113 years, but we still blend our teas in Cork with the same level of craft and expertize we did when the company began.”



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Home from work to a cup of Barry’s Tea. A little taste of home #Ireland.

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